The Personal Health Train Network

The Personal Health Train (PHT) is designed to enable health care professionals, innovators and researchers to work with health data from various sources. It enables responsible access to data, while ensuring privacy protection and optimal engagement of individual patients and citizens.

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The PHT was originally invented and developed for scientific research purposes. The PHT concept has quickly spread outside the research domain into health care. Various organizations now show their interest in applying the PHT to different health related topics.

To learn from each other’s experiences and solutions, these organizations participate in the Personal Health Train network. The PHT network is actively engaged in promoting the FAIR movement, such as the GO FAIR implementation network and committed to the principles for development of the PHT as outlined in the PHT Manifesto
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Why a Personal Health Train?

Modern health care and research generates and requires vast amounts of data captured and stored at different locations. Managing these data in a centralized database is neither desirable nor feasible. Central data processing gives rise to issues on agreements for data-accessibility, data standardization and privacy. Researchers found ways to use health data from various sources in decentralized databases. They coined this approach, the Personal Health Train (PHT).

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