The Dutch Personal Health Train (PHT) program was established to further develop the PHT-principle and make it scalable.

The PHT-program will involve the PHT-network and operates in working groups or communities to:

  • Exchange of knowledge on implementation of the personal health train
  • Define a set agreements necessary to collaborate on federated data.
  • Technical agreements such as the PHT-architecture 
  • Inventory possible financing-models. 

The PHT-program will provide an overview on PHT-developments in the Dutch health care sector.  


PHT Roadmap

The learning community has drawn up a PHT-Roadmap which describes the importance of the Personal Health Train, the PHT-network and what the network aims to achieve the next 5 years.

The broad outlines of the roadmap are summarized in a PHT-introductory flyer (in Dutch). 

The PHT network platform is enabled by Health-RI.

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