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Announcement 25 May 2020 - 17 December 2020

The Dutch Personal Health Train learning community is an open community to facilitate knowledge exchange on the various topics relevant for PHT-implementation. Do you want to participate? Please register below. 

Date Title
25 May 2020, 9:00-11-00

A trust-framework for federated data-analysis*

But how can we build trust in data-networks?

The learning community-meeting will be a brainstorm-session to support the development of a practical and as-complete-as-possible trust-framework.

During this learning community event, the Dutch Health Care Institute will share a first take on the PHT-trust-framework.

9 July 2020, 14:30-16:30 

Data-driven business-models for value-driven health innovation

Value-driven innovation in health care is only possible if the actual value is visible. Data collected by health care providers provides an objective insight into the value of health care innovation and the arguments for up-scaling specific innovations. The Personal Health Train enables to disclose this data in a privacy preserving manner. However, it takes a significant effort from health care providers to make health data available for analysis and guarding the legitimacy of these analyses. To make value-driven innovation sustainable, we must look at data-driven business models for health care providers. This means: who is allowed to access the information? What is the value proposition? What would an organisation need to do to disclose these data? What are possible financial compensation or financing models?

If you want to help develop more insight and answers on these questions, we invite you for our learning community meeting.

The learning community meeting will be held in Dutch.

2 September 2020, 14:00-16:00 

PHT: From concept to scale-up

Many projects in Health Care and Research already use the Personal Health Train concept. 

This concept refers totechnologies and agreements that enable decentralised analysis of health-related data. 

In order to enable professional and scale-able implementation, the PHT-program in aiming to compile a ‘PHT-set of agreements’. This ‘PHT-set of agreements’ should enable professional PHT-service providers to implement the PHT in an interoperable manner as well as provide a base for trust in the PHT-implementation amongst the relevant stakeholders such as health care providers. The ‘PHT-set of agreements’ is a community-effort. Therefore, during this Learning Community event, a first version of the ‘PHT-set of agreements’ will be presented and participants of the Learning Community will share their feedback on the ‘PHT-set of agreements’.
17 November 2020 14:00-16:00  tbd
17 December 2020 10:00-12:00  tbd

*Due to current circumstances, this course will take place online.


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