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Energetic start of the Personal Health Train Technical Community

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The PHT-concept is constantly developing further. The PHT Technical Community, part of the PHT-program, brings together the experts involved in the PHT-development. Last week, Dr. Gijs Geleijnse of the IKNL successfully organized the first PHT Technical Community meeting. 

Many projects in Health Care and Research already use the Personal Health Train concept. This concept refers to technologies and agreements that enable decentralised analysis of health-related data. The PHT-concept is nevertheless still developing further.

The PHT Technical Community is working on that. Its members are based at a broad range of organizations involved in PHT projects amongst which Health-RI, eScienceCenter, IKNL, Janssen, Maastro, Maastricht University, TNO, MRDM and Zorginstituut Nederland.  Gijs Geleijnse, IKNL: “I am excited and proud to work with such a large, diverse and talented group of people within the PHT Tech Community. They drive the development of the Personal Health Train!”

The participants of the Technical Community meeting were very enthusiastic and eager to get started: The Technical Community will facilitate collaboration within the PHT-community and stimulate projects to learn from each other. They will start with providing an overview of existing PHT implementations. The challenge of the PHT-community is to come to a common set of technical agreements as a core of the technical PHT-definition.  

Some participants of the Technical Community meeting are visible in the picture from top left to bottom right: Peter Moorthamer (Jansen), Gijs Geleijnse (IKNL), Maarten Kollenstart (TNO), Melle Sieswerda (IKNL), Wouter van Dijk (MRDM), Sus Verwimp (Jansen), Wiro Niessen (Health-RI), Savvina Daniil (TNO), Djura Smits (eScience Center).


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