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The PHT Program launched a learning community to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on the implementation of the Personal Health Train. It is an open community. This year’s first meeting was held on-line on the 30th of March.

Issues that the PHT learning community will address can be broad, for example: “How do I create trust within a network that is using each other’s data for federated data analysis?”. The community will also facilitate connections between federated ‘data driven health’ projects that share similar objectives. Recent examples of that are the efforts to scale-up a COVID-19-symptom-tracker and the efforts of the VODAN-initiative to apply the FAIR data principles to COVID-19 data collections.   

The first learning community meeting also gave input on the new Personal Health Train program and its ambitions for 2020. 

If you would like to join the learning community. Check the PHT Learning Community calendar

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