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Stories from the work field: The Personal Health Train in health care

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FAIR data and the Personal Health Train (PHT) are concepts that are being applied more and more often. Examples of the diverse applications have now been made available through interviews with the users in the work field. They show how Dutch organisations actually use the Personal Health Train in daily practice.

FAIR data and the Personal Health Train concepts are being applied to re-use health-related data.To support this development, the Dutch Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland) and Health-RI collected examples of diverse practical Personal Health Train applications.

The examples were collected at the beginning of 2020 and are available in English as well as Dutch. They show the developments, ketch the possibilities and will no doubt inspire others to explore further possibilities.

More examples of PHT-applications can be found on the website of the PHT-network.

The collection was presented at a meeting of the PHT learning community

PHT in Health Care  PHT in de Zorgpraktijk

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