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Use case: Prediction model for prostate cancer

The aim of this project is to create a prediction model for survival from prostate cancer, based on cancer registry data from at least two geographies

Medical relevance

Prediction models may help to improve patient care and have successfully been developed and deployed in clinical practice. Developing a good prognostic model requires data from many patients. Therefore, data from international cancer registries need to be combined.


This second joint project between the Taiwan Cancer Registry (TCR) and IKNL focusses on developing a prediction model for prostate cancer. Developing a good prognostic model requires data from many patients. Unlike in the Netherlands, prostate cancer in Taiwan is rare (<5500 cases/year). To serve the Taiwanese patient with a well performing prediction model, it may help to combine data from the cancer registries in Taiwan and the Netherlands. Regulations prevent sharing of patient-record data between Taiwan and the Netherlands. The PHT allows for development of prediction models on data distributed in a privacy preserving way.The existing open source PHT ( implementation between IKNL and the Taiwan Cancer Registry will be used to develop the prediction model.

Main results

Expected mid 2020.

Project details


Project leader

Wen-Chung Lee MD PhD



Cooperating partners





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