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Use case: Techruption - Benchmarking in health care by secure Multi Party Computation

To compare calculations on hospital quality by secure multiparty computation with respect to a traditional quality benchmark calculation

Medical relevance

Providing hospitals with a quality benchmark that identifies (sub)sets of patients for whom treatment outcome can be improved


A quality registry typically collects data from patients, calculates a quality indicator in a single hospital (e.g. % of patients getting the guideline-recommended treatment) and compares it to other hospitals, i.e. benchmarking. All current quality registries use a data centralization approach, which has privacy and data control concerns.

Under the Techruption flag, TNO, CZ, MAASTRO, CBZ and the UM-BISS institute worked together to prototype a distributed quality registry using secure multiparty computation (sMPC) as its underlying technology. We found that sMPC works well and is one of the technologies that can be used in the PHT for privacy preserving distributed learning. 

Main results

sMPC is able to calculate the benchmark in a privacy preserving manner and without hospital seeing other hospitals' performance.

Lessons learned

sMPC is an excellent additional technology stack which can be used in the Personal Health Train.

Follow up

In a new project, funded by the National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland), we implement PHT and FAIR principles for benchmarking in colorectal cancer.

Project details

Project leader

Daniel Worm

Funders Techruption (TKI)
Collaboration partners

TNO / CZ / MAASTRO Clinic / Maastricht University / CBS



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